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Av. Sebastião Reginaldo da Cunha,
500 Bairro Vianna - CEP 37540-000
Santa Rita do Sapucaí - Minas Gerais

In Sanders do Brasil, we have the guarantee of being a Brazilian company certified with the best quality seals in our area: the manufacture and development of medical and dental equipment of high technology.


We work with equipment such as sterilizers, tracheas dryers, washer disinfectors, ultrasonic cleaners, endoscope reprocessing, compressors, vacuum pump, photopolymers, sealers and prophylaxis devices.

We were born in a town in southern Minas Gerais, Santa Rita do Sapucaí. Nowadays called the Electronics Valley, the city is a technological center located between the three major economic and commercial centers in Brazil – Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.

The essence of our philosophy is always to do the best we can with our resources.


That’s how we create identity in the market, based on the combination of the best technology with high efficiency in the service.


We believe that the development is through technological training. All our products are developed to serve more and better.

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We provide differentiated consulting to each of our clients and we study the needs and specifications of orders in a personalized way.

This personalization and the fact that we are 100% national enables us to better serve the highly competitive prices.

Our after-sales is one of the most recognized in the market. We offer installation, product use training and technical assistance throughout the country.

Our professionals are highly skilled and qualified and undergo training regularly. Today we have space and structure to grow in the domestic and world market while maintaining quality of care. We are thus prepared to meet all the demands, from the smallest one to the most complex.


Sanders do Brasil knows that nothing is more important to business success than integrity in operations, the absolute quality of each of our products and the sense of responsibility for all our actions.

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Sebastião Reginaldo da Cunha, Bairro Vianna, CEP: 37540-000, Santa Rita da Sapucaí - MG - Brasil