Autoclave Stericlean 21 Plus


Autoclave for steam sterilization and drying of materials, modern design, suitable for dental offices (General Practice, Endodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, Dentistry and Aesthetics), to medical clinics (ophthalmology and dermatology), laboratories, hospitals and veterinary clinics small .

Ultrasound Pro Sonic BP


This unit has the primary function, removing tartar through an electronic system coupled to a piezoelectric device, which transmits a handpiece, bobbing conjugates, appropriate to the work of scraping the existing layer of tartar on the teeth to be treated.

Ultrasonic Washer SW 3000 WJ


The ultrasonic washers, aims at automating the cleaning materials, optimizing human resources, protecting the operator, reducing spending on chemicals and reducing the time of sterilization of instruments, ie washing effective and low cost.

Washer Disinfector WDS 380D


The Washer Disinfector Sanders are designed for automatic cleaning, disinfection with hot water and sacagem system for use in hospitals, clinics, and industrial Labaratórios.

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