Autoclave Stericlean 12


With modern and bold design of the Autoclaves Stericlean Sanders are ideal for sterilization and drying of materials.

Prophylaxis Pro Sonic Super BP


Piezoelectric ultrasound device and bicarbonate jet multifunction features that have combined for dental cleaning in combating tartar, plaque and extrinsic stains.
It can also be used for removing pins prosthesis quickly and reliably, removal of oxidation of amalgam restorations and cements.

Ultrasonic Washer SW 2000 WJ


The water jet is an equipment to pump the solution into the material cannulated, pushing the dirt out, ensuring a perfect sterilization of the material.
The SW2000 Water Jet automates the process of cleaning surgical instruments conventional.

(Português) Termodesinfectoras Sanders WDS-200D


(Português) As Termodesinfectoras Sanders são destinadas para limpeza automática, desinfecção com água quente e sistema de secagem para utilização em Hospitais, Clínicas, Laboratórios e Indústrias.

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